Expert Missions

Agenex is the regional energy agency in ExtreMadura, Spain.  A highly experienced Agency, currently, with a staff of 26 it is...

3CEA is delighted to have been selected for the EU Expert Mission as part of the EU funded ManagEnergy Programme. 

This is the last call for applications to be part of a ManagEnergy Expert Mission, so apply now and strengthen your role in your region/city!
The Expert Mission was delivered from the 1th to 3rd October with the Aegean Energy and Environment Agency
The Mission was delivered on 19-21 September with the Energy Agency of Regions.
 The 2nd Expert Mission was delivered from the 8th to 10th of August with the Energy Agency of Rheinland-Pfalz by Expert Seamus Hoyne.

The ManagEnergy Expert Mission in Alba Iulia (RO) was taking place between 11 and 13 June 2018. ALEA received the visit of Vlasta Krmelj, director of ENERGAP (SI).

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